How long will a Poly-Triplex liner last?

    The Poly-Triplex liner systems have a projected life expectancy of over 100 years, as certified by independent engineering reviews.

    How long does it take to complete the rehabilitation process?

    Manhole rehabilitation typically takes 4-6 hours to complete, while pump stations and culverts take approximately 24 hours. Completion time will vary, depending on specific site conditions.

    Will we have to shut down our services for an extended period of time while the rehabilitation is in progress?

    Sewage flow control is not needed when the flow can be controlled with standard line plugs for 2-hour periods and the invert channel is not required to be lined. If you do want the channel lined, then bypass may be required and should be a separate line item bid.

    Do you remove the steps?

    Yes, the steps are cut out flush to within ½” of the wall and are not reinstalled.

    Can the Manhole be lined without sewer bypass?

    Yes, most structures can be lined where the invert channel is not required to be lined.

    How much does the PTLS cost?

    Project pricing is dependent upon site conditions as well as size and shape of the structure.

    What if we have to add a new incoming line to the manhole?

    That is not a problem. We have specific methods for accomplishing that task, but basically you will just cut the pipe opening as you would normally, and install the incoming line. Then seal the pipe to the manhole/liner wall with PT-Mastic Epoxy Grout.

    What if I need to raise the ring and cover during a paving project?

    Remove and raise the ring and cover as you normally would. Then, there are a couple of alternatives to protect the new section; you may apply PT-Mastic Epoxy Grout, or have a new PTLS liner installed in the chimney section.

    When should I schedule manhole lining, before or after my CIPP project?

    It is best to schedule the manhole lining behind the CIPP. The Poly-Triplex Liner will bond to most CIPP, providing a better seal between the pipe and manhole.

    Can Poly-Triplex line a square or rectangular structure?

    Yes, we custom manufacture the liner to fit the structure, or the structure can be lined using panels for the sides and bottoms. It can be cured with pressurization and steam, filled with water or ambient cured.

    Does the PTLS liner bond to the structure substrate?

    Yes. Pre-installation preparation and the use of an epoxy resin insures a bond to the structure substrate. A bond to the substrate is essential in the structural design.