Product Information

    Poly-Triplex is the industry’s leading product for permanent rehabilitation of structures in sewer collection systems that are failing due to chemical corrosion and infiltration of groundwater. These conditions result in structural fatigue, roadbed degradation, expensive costs for unnecessary treatment of groundwater, overload of the wastewater treatment plants and pollution into our environment. Envirocort has focused on engineering products that are quick to install and provide permanent and effective solutions for sewer manhole, pump station and culvert rehabilitation.

    The patented Poly‐Triplex structural lining system, a Cured-in-Place product that is quality constructed with three‐layered fiberglass and an epoxy system that contains a vital, non‐porous internal membrane, is the best solution for failing structures. The process uses the existing structure as a mold, enabling installation without the need for excavation and prolonged sewage flow and traffic disruption.

    Once saturated with resin at the jobsite, the liner is lowered into the structure and cured using air pressure and steam. This forms a composite structural liner that is bonded to the host structure and pressurized into a compressive fit. The epoxy resin bond further enhances the structural capabilities of the Poly‐Triplex lining system, and the non‐porous membrane, encapsulated in the center of the composite, provides a barrier to chemical attack as well as a permanent barrier to prevent groundwater infiltration into the collection system.

    3-Layer System

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