Structural damage and need for better flow

    Case Study Project


    Catch basin rehabilitation



    Cherry Point Naval Air Station, North Carolina



    Cherry Point, North Carolina


    Box structures were deteriorated and needed channels built to better direct the flow.


    JCB Construction was contracted to line 49 stormwater catch basins in year 2000. Each of the structures were configured differently and uniquely shaped. The field measurement on the below is a sample of the configuration. The Poly-Triplex Liner was custom fabricated to fit each structure. Channels were formed to improve flow and structures lined preventing further deterioration.


    The structures are structurally sound and improved flow has been achieved.

    Catch Basin

    This is an example of a typical configuration of the structures lined. Poly-Triplex Industries, LLC manufactured custom liners to fit the catch basins. JCB Construction removed the top grate and lowered the liner into the catch basin, then applied air pressure and steam heat to cure the liner in place without any excavation.


    Very pleased with the results, the N.A.S. completed another project in 2007 where they lined an additional 11 structures. Poly-Triplex provided a more permanent solution than new construction and provided a 10-year warranty.